well i was kinda high and i decided to start trying to write a classical piece and this is what came of it, it's not even close to done since ive been adding on to it, but this is waht i have so far... click on my profile its the classical piece you'll see it, and let me know what you think of my other track too thanks
Yeah, quite a cool minor progression. I love the separation between the bass notes and the upper register, and some of the little lead runs are quite effective against the steady bassline.

A little treat, at the moment, isn't particularly impressive. It just seems like the standard stoner-rock jam that's full of similar ideas, but needs to be fleshed out. Maybe some vocals would liven it up, and maybe try it again a little later when you're in a band situation (unless you have a band now, then work on it there now).

Feel like taking a listen to my band's stuff?
Yea thanks man, a little treat is no where near finished either though, we just decided to do a really rough recording of what we had in mind, the song has changed a lot since then. Thanks for the feedback!
Updated the classical song alot...check my profile now please any feedback