At feeding time today,
I looked around and thought just
what I would maybe like to eat.

A sanga just wouldn't cut it
and salad's just fit for rabbits
So what i looked at next i knew
Would satisfy my need.

I Looked on from above,
Her perfect roundness beckoned
and I knew so well the crunch
That her crispy crust would give.

That perfect symetry hinted at
the goodness wrapped inside.
and from her side she was just as pretty
and that's how i thought to write this ditty

My mouth it watered
till my chin was wet
and my drool it dripped down
on the concrete floor

I couldn't wait could not resist
To try to hold her in my fist

I edged up closer
Her face a blur
her hot steamy breath
poured on my neck

And with a sniff, down i dove
and crunched that pasty
with my teeth.

Out her sides spilled a juicy brown river
Which streaked on down my cheek

Alas I was burnt

True love brings true pain.

And I know in my heart....

I shall never eat...


Just a little piece Inspired by my dinner.
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S-Gsus wept
Ok ok... it was meant as a bit of a joke, but thanks for the feedback.
Quote by sickman411
S-Gsus wept