Hey, I know somewhere in the forum there is a thread with a whole heap of beginner songs.. But I can't seem to find it. So I was hoping you guys would give me an easy song I could play. I've been playing for a couple of months so I'm not HOPELESS at guitar, so something that I could learn all of it.
for whom the bell tolls, or may b the rhythm parts to one by metallica? or if thats not really your thing, karma police by radiohead has some easy chord progressions, banana pancakes - jack johnson
uhmm.... it depends, if youre into finger picking songs i know Kansas - Dust in the Wind is pretty easy to get the hang of... uhm... any Nirvana song, The Beatles - Hey Jude, The Vandals - Idea For a Movie, any Marilyn Manson song, It depends what kinda music youre into i suppose man
I breathe air.
Ok thanks, I'll have a look into these.
And yeh, I really love metallica but I just have never thought of For whom the bell tolls.

EDIT @ Dead End: I'm pretty much into every kind of music apart from hip hop and that, uh yeh my finger picking skills are pretty good IMO.
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