Hey peeps.

I am thinking of buying a new guitar, i have looked into Ibanez's RG370DX and RG350EX, but reviews i have read say there are a few problems with the tremolo and intonation.

I would like to have a tremolo, but it is not essential if the guitar is much better.

For example - if there is an axe with a trem, but there is a another which has no trem but amazing specs everywhere else, i would go for the tremless one!

I play anything from heavy metal (Children of Bodom, Lamb of God etc.) to clean acoustic style. I use a Vox AD30VT with no pedals.

£300 is the maximum i can pay. It is already a stretch of my £250 original budget! . (£300 is 597.45 USD)

Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated!

Thanks alot,
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dont listen to the reviews, my rg350dx has performed well for over a year without any tuning problems or intonation problems. The only time you will get problems is if you rush the initial setup (most places you buy from will have it set up pretty well, I received it from a shop set up terribly though so had to spend some time setting it up, it was my first floyd rose style trem). It is still my primary guitar and it pretty good quality for me at the minute, until I can save up for an american strat. But yeah don't listen to the reviews to much because I have one it is is absolutely fine, you will be pleased with the quality, and the neck is pretty damn fast.

this link helped me get my floyd liscened bridge in working order (edge III trem on the rg350dx i think) http://www.imuso.co.uk/directory/guitar-lessons/floyd-rose-trem.htm
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I think a Ibanez SZ would be best choice for you...
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Ok, i forgot to mention i dont like V's. I hate the way they play .

Of the suggestions, I like the look of the Ibanez RGR421EXFM the most at the minute.
Dont like them Santana models though! They are too garish.

Thanks for the help so far guys. Does anyone else have any suggestions? i want to get as wide a range of opinions as possible, that way if one guitar keeps popping up, i'll know its good!
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But please, do try out guitars within your price range in a guitar store so you can get the feel of them and such.
CORT G250!!!!!!!!!!

i love mine and play any genre with it, i also use the same amp asyou so i know it works well
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Any others that stand out? That Cort looks nice, but it's trem isn't locking! I would need it to lock as i would use the trem quite alot, and i really cant deal with all that tuning! D:
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id also like to reccomend http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/x50-pro/67531 , which is probably the best value for money deal going right now in the uk


if you must have a trem, perhaps an ibanez s320 or 470. you might manage to get one of those for £300.
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