so im buying a cheap ibanez as a second guitar, it has crappy pickups, so can i change a my neck Evo pickup of my 555 to the Bridge pickup in my new dx170.

is there a diffrence between a neck and bridge pick up when they are both called the same thing?

neck pu DiMarzio® Evolution® (H) neck pu <----
middle pu DiMarzio® Evolution® (S) mid pu
bridge pu DiMarzio® Evolution® (H) bridge pu <---- are they exactly the same or

is a bridge pickup ment to be in the bridge and a neck pickup only ment for the neck??
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well, if you put a neck pick-up in the bridge position, you would loose treble. Im not the expert, but, i think they called then Neck or Bridge for a reason?
The neck pickup will be voiced differently, usually treblier, and also lower output - that being the case an evo neck probably wouldn't work so well in the bridge, it'd likely sound like an ice pick.
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