[Best Left Unsaid

Hey check out my band its called Best Left Unsaid. We are a four piece (Lead Vocals/Rythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar and Drums) we are based in New Zealand. Our recording quality is rubbish i know but besides that tell us what you think. We have only got two songs up that we wrote awhile ago, but we have written a whole bunch of new material lately.


Leave some comments on what you think
www.bebo.com/bestleftunsaid check it out.
yea man you guys are good but there is 0% originality in there m8 but you guys are good :]! GD LUCK
yeah ur good
but ur lyrics suck
like really badly
I <3 Drugs.

The universe works on a math equation-
That never even ever really ends in the end-
Infinity spirals out creation.

Yeh our new stuff is alot more orginal and we will be getting better recordings for them
www.bebo.com/bestleftunsaid check it out.