I play now for almost a year and i'm very proud of what i've done, my 1st song. I wanted to mix a little of everything i love - heavy/thrash metal and 80's hard rock. I'm very influenced by Megadeth, Yngwie Malmsteen, King Diamond, Deep Purple and etc. I don't think it sounds that cool on GP, but i hope u like it. In 2-3 weeks maybe we'll make a recording with my band m8s and post it, hope u like it even a bit, have mercy on the newbie.

P.S. The drums, uhm yeah, i don't have even a small idea about this thing, i'll leave this to our drummer.
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wow that sounds good
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Listening again to this after my "Screams Of The Past" and "Nuclear Sunrise", thats one big **** (in the bad way)... lolz
I liked it a lot, it was very different and interesting to my ears
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