therw was a time i could never
there was a time i could change my life
there was a girl named catherine
pretty face magic smile and all those things
and when i see u walking down the street
i would say hey **** u wat is too me
and i don't like u in any other way
so **** off go back from where u came

in my heart i felt something coming
something cruel i can't control it

i hate u catherin zeta jones
and i don't give a damn **** to u
and i hate u catherine zeta jones
so go back to the place where u belong

that time when i was fat and so ashamed
i didn't have anybody else to blame
i couldn't be more proud of myself
well hey u i like the way iam

and when i see u in the magazine
i really don't care drawing on ur face
i would feel happier that way
wat? don't u look at me

when i see u
stand climb fall whatever
this time for sure i will get u

i like who i am
and i like who iam

i want to give all my hate just 4 u
and i will never give up what's with u
i don't want ur boring life
changing clothes from day to night
Hi this is Avril junior and i'm new here so pleeeeeeaaaaase be nice and to all people who HATE CTHERINE ZETA JONES I LOVE U AAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL peace