is anyone else pissed that the patriots lost last night. goddamn eli. oh well
you told him to try to build bricks without straw
he asked you to build cities without bricks
I watched the first 15 mins or whatever. I don't understand the rules or anything, but it was abit boring. It's so stop, start

Throw > catch > fall on floor > 1min stop. Repeat for however long the game lasts.

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I'm glad those faggots lost!
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HAHAHAHAHAHA good the patioits were trying to be cocky and top **** the whole night and thats were it gets them im glad they lost **** Tom Brady
Eh, Tom had no protection whatsoever, and eli had a couple of lucky passes, because he has no talent. all they had to do was hold em for 2:49 but no, of course not.
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To hell with New England sports in general. Those cocky Red Sox fans really pissed me off during the ALCS with their buttmongering. They've become what they always hated: a dynasty.

I couldn't care less about the Giants, but I was rooting against the Pats. Brady's not so perfect without perfect protection. Good for New York's D-Line.
there's an entire sticky for this discussion. sorry guys but if I don't do it, some one else will or you guys will be warned by a mod because of all the crap they had to put up with last night.

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That play Eli Manning made in the 4th quarter against all those defenders was one of the best I've seen (granted on free to air TV in Australia we only get the Superbowl at this stage and I've only watched about the last 4).

I get most of my football fix from playing Madden so I'm no expert. I was going with the Patriots until the morning of the game when I realized I hate Tom Brady more than the Giants (I also noticed I hate the Giants less than the Jets, but I got a grudge against them from back in the days they had Curtis Martin. He looked like such a massive stoner in his Madden photos).

I hate most teams anyway seeing as I'm a 49'ers fan, what with them being **** and all. Smith is such a disappointment.
I thought it was a good game. I think that will finally end the debate about brady being so great. As soon as a team got pressure on him he fell apart and played as bad as any other quarterback. Thank you Giants defense for proving one man can't win a football game.

But unfortunately I am Cowboys fan and Giants upset cowboys :-(