Well , im 18 , my younger sister has that teenager fever or whatsoever and asked my parents to borow her a guitar . whithout any knowlege my parents bought her a 60€ classical guitar . Anyways she tryed to play it like 1 time and never touched it again.
About a week ago i was like , what tha heck , and grabed it , got an e-book and started learning some basic tunes .

Now to help part . Is there any way i can even play this guitar ? like seriously , im 18 but my hands are like a 5 year old kid , theyr really small . I´ve tryed the basic chords and stuff and no way i can play that , not even 1 single chord . I'm tryin to fing a confortable left hand position but i still can't do things like having my fingers in C and D at same time , or playing some of the basic chords .
So the question is , should i simply forget this ? Is there any way i can play with this guitar ? Can i even play ANY guitar ?

Thx in advance and nice forum
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It takes time dude....your hands have to adjust.
Starting off playing classical finger picking is really difficult.

Try putting some metal strings on it and picking with a regular pick (or plectrum as some books say).
Dont give up...I got a classical guitar for Christmas when I was 10...didnt play it until I was 15...I kick myself now because I could have gotten really good at it at a much younger age.
Ps: I got small stubbly hands too....check out another guitar if you want....Ibanez, Fender and Peavey all have pretty thin necks which are good if you have small hands
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also instead of using your ring finger for power chords...try using the pinkie
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You got smaller hands than her?


I didn't see her playing a whole lot chords but still. That neck is bigger than her hands so don't lose hope.

You could always switch to steel string. Takamine is a pretty good jap brand with really small necks cuz' Japs generally have smaller hands. I played several of them before and they're really easy to play. Sounds good too. My pinky can cover all the strings easy.
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Heck , ok thx for the vid , well now i know it is POSSIBLE . Anyways i believe ill take a bunch of time to eventually learn anything . Oh well .