I am seriously considering purchasing an Ibanez V-blade model VBT700 (looks like a ESP Ninja, and is the guitar that Sam from dragonforce endorses, I think). It is a set neck, string thru, fixed bridge V shape. I've done my research, and played it in the store so I know this will be a good purchase for me.

Since the guitar is a discontinued model, the mgr at Guitar Center offered that he could find me a new white version one for the regular retail price of $600, or he could find me a gently used floor model for $500. I played on the black version, but want a white one.

Need some advice here - if a guitar has been used by hundreds of strangers in the past year inside a store, I am basically buying a used guitar. Is a 16% discount acceptable for a used guitar? I'm trying to get a sense of what a fair and realistic price should be for a floor model.

There are other incentives were were talking about as well (free case, etc), but right now I just want to focus on the price of the guitar.
thats pretty good id say, its not gonna be wrecked or anything
and sam uses icemen, although he had a custom V blade with a trem and evos
I'd say, it depends on the condition of the V-blade.

If it's in near mint or mint condition, that should be a bit still pricey but workable.

With light pick scratches, evident use (wear on the guitars hardware.) I'd say haggle down more.
Try to haggle but the salesperson already knows you want that particular guitar badly.
just make sure you play it first. It will probably play fine, but the main things that could be wrong are appearance issues ie. Scratches etc.
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Man I wish I could find one of those over here for that cheap, they were about twice that price new over here in Britain...
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