I'm a total newbie to guitar. I've only been playing since christmas. My question is how long does it usually take a normal person to be able to switch cords without that nasty pause between chords. I'm familiar with A major, E major, D major G, C, and E minor.

I just hired an instructor that is doing a pretty good job. I practice almost everyday for about 45min to an hour. Are there any good exercises out there to help with this problem?

I practice switching from Chord to Chord slowly, but when I try to speed it up, thats when I screw things up.

What did you do to improve?

Thanks in advance!!!
During the first couple of months it'll take anything between 10 seconds and a minute to switch chords...it takes a while for your hands to click with what you want them to do.
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I've been playing for 7-8 months and I still do that - though not as slow as I did in the start Might have something to do with that I don't play chords that often, but it does take some time to learn.
ah the old days m8 it will all become natural get a metronome around 20 quid set it around 60 bpm every click change chords do some bar chords to give ya self head start :] GD LUCK
Practicing it over and over and over is the only way to really get this down. Once you know how to properly hold the chord the rest is repetition and endless practice. Eventually it comes.
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ah the old days m8 it will all become natural get a metronome around 20 quid set it around 60 bpm every click change chords do some bar chords to give ya self head start :] GD LUCK

SPELLING GRANNY!: barre chords

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talk to your guitar teacher and have him show you chords that have common notes, for example Cmaj and Am. Gmaj to a Dmaj is also good.

Switching between chords that share common shapes or common notes is a great way to change chords faster and build your confidence.
man to be completely serious just straight practice is the best way and that pause will always be with you when your learning something new i've been playing for five years and i still do that when i finally find a chord i don't know.
Great advise from everyone.

At least I know that I'm not the only one having problems with this. I'll be buying a metronome this weekend. Thanks again!!!
what about that quick change chord thing you can do where you keep, like one finger holding down a note and sort of, swing the rest of your fingers round? for example, changing from Am to C, the note you would hold would be C on the B string, with your index finger. Or from G to D the note would be D on the b string agian, with your middle finger. I think it comes with practice anyway, so not worth trying to force learning it.
I gotta say a metronome does help. I only started using it yesterday after a month and couple weeks of playing and I felt it helped loads. And here I thought monotonous clicking would do nothing, what a fool i was...
If you are still wondering the easiest way to avoid that awkward prided crushing pause is to only lift the fingers that need to be changed, C to F you don't need to lift your 2nd string 3fret finger to make a barred F chord,
this is one of the few things about guitar that i can honestly say just comes to you. it does require practice, but just start off by being able to memorise the shapes and strings you want to push down, then as you practice, it just comes to you. and try learning wonderwall by oasis to get your 1st & 2nd finger speeds up, as your 3rd and 4th fingers stay the same through most of the song. and then if you practice enough, youll wake up one day, pick up your guitar and... BABOOM! your hit by a truck . nah, you just find that you can switch betwen chord fast and fluid. well thats how i did it.