i have the standard plus top
i am thinking about upgrading the pickups
anyone can suggest good poickups for the price range of 50-150

i like to play rock blues all that stuff
i reallly like zakkwyldes farewell ballad kind of music

thanks guys for the advice
what kind of amp do you use?
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Dunno how much the Gibson Burstbuckers are but.. go for them or Zakk Wylde ones or the Slash signature Seymour Duncans

EDIT: I don't think they are signature ones but they will be on the site (Seymour)
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Your PAF styles will give you a good range for that guitar. I had one set up with a PAF Pro in the bridge and a Duncan 59' at the neck. It provided me with all the warmth, tone and gain to do anything from jazz and blues to heavy rock.