I am looking for a good line 6 head/ peavey cabinet combo for under $800. Just looking for different prices.
I would look for Peavey as opposed to Line 6 for heads. I have a Line 6 Spider 3 150 and love it, but have heard horrible things about their heads overheating. I was talking to the guy at my local shop and he even admitted they have a problem with people returning them because they overheat after a month or so. Just what i've heard, but a heads up anyways.
unless your going for a line 6 vetta head just drop the line 6 idea. they arent that good tbh. i have had a spider and it sucked. I have a vettand it is sweet.
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i have a 4x12 peavey cab loaded with shefield speakers...

works really good, minor scratch action on the back side from gigging.