Here's my new one, it's about the past. The vocals at the end seem a bit too loud.. what do you think?? Thanks.

"Soleil": http://www.purevolume.com/olivergolding


Oh Soleil, Soleil,
Where have you gone
I've been looking
I've been searching for you
Remember the days we used to shine
together on the sand

Now we shiver beneath the red moon
Oh we shiver
How we shiver
(oh we shiver)

So tell my brother, my brother
i'll be going soon
I'll keep looking
I will search the world
Across the seas
To bake in your heat
I move a mountain
(I move a mountain)

Oh soleil, soleil,
Where have you gone
I'm still looking
I am waiting for you
Remember the days we used to shine
together on the sand

Now we shiver beneath the red moon.

Apart from the annoying sampling involved, this is just anotehr great song well worth downloading. Vocals ARE a bit loud at points, but they're okay. Do you play this and sing it at the same time? Like recording with two mics?
I liked the children too. I dont really think that the vocals at the end were to loud as much as the guitar part was not loud enough. I think adding some volume might mean adding some emotion. Im pretty new to music though. Mellow stuff. Made me think back a little bit. Good job. Do you play live alot? Id like to move to a more mellow fingerpicking kind of style and i was wondering how its goes over amongst the crowd?

What do you make of this?
thanks for your replies. Yeah you confirmed it for me - vocals need better mixing. I did sing this and play the guitar at the same time. I did put a lot of emotion into the vox - this song is quite personal.

i'll remix this soon, since i'm putting up my own website. I haven't played live much. When I do it's usually covers; but i'll be playing my own stuff soon, i'll let you know how that goes down.

will get round to critting yours in due time!!