Do any of you use the royal 8 with headphones? If so, have you been able to get decent quality tones with it? Which headphones do you use?

I have one, and I'm curious...
if you have one, why not try it out


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^I did, and use it most of the time through Sony MDVR-100 headphones, since I play in an apartment.

I get decent quality, but I'm always looking for better. I want to know what other users have been doing.
I have the same amp and headphones... so i can not be of much help... but I do not think these sound bad... but they sound very different from the sound that comes out the speaker. I do not hear such a variance when using these same headphones on my microcub.
thanks for the reply.
I'm getting decent quality with mine, but I'm still looking for better. I'm going to get Sennheiser 280 headphones soon. I know that listening through headphones won't give me the same sound, but I think with the sennheiser's it could sound better. I'll try that and see how it goes.
reply back with how you like them... the sony's are nice and the price is great... but like i said ... they sound very different... something that sounded more like the speaker would be nice