hey everybody, im just asking for some clarification on
what the different fret sizes mean (jumbo xtra jumbo)
and do they have different effects on the sound or is
it all about the feel of them?
i dont know im curious 2 i mean most bc riches have jumbo frets (24) i have an sob avenge so i would like to know...
Man, personally it's about how it feels. Feel for the guitar comes first for me before sound. I beleive it affects the scale of the neck, but im pretty stupid about all taht stuff, but go with what your fingers like.
the size of the frets, jumbo frets etc, refers to the size of the fret wire, so therefore the size of it often is also how high off the fretboard the metal reaches. it is just a comfort thing really. most 'metal' guitars have umbo frets, personally i love them
the size of frets mean the height and width =]
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