i wanna know why so many people hate green day, other people i have asked have just said "cos they went bad" the thing is they are still ok, ill admit that hero song released in 2006 or 7 i think ( i forgot its name) was kind of bad but thats just one song
becasue they changed their genre to make money...

they were cool, but changed to get a higher celeb status and other money purposes... thats nbot cool...
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I don't like the extra guitarist either...
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its cos green day liek other sad emo bands r crap. lets face it there guitar player is also crap ther drummer even worse and the bass player, well he dosent need to play anything hard. also greenday have adopted an attention seeking nature of ATTITUDE! and i find this very said and quite wierd as all punk n emo is rubbish and untalented. they need to start putting in solos.
they went from true punk up until the album Warning and then went into a crappy pop punk sorta genre, selling out to the major label companies. honestly, i hope that theyre trying something new and ARE that foxboro band, cause they definately need a facelift after "dont wanna be an american idiot" captivated the millions or americans nationwide.
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i just think their music is bland and just bad, and their "political" message is so vague and transparent, that they clearly use the "bush sucks" idiom to gain fans, which worked. try saying something logical that you thought of yourself, jesus christ he is what like 40 years old? the fact he dresses like hes 14, has nothing to do with music so i need not address my thoughts on it...
but them wanting to make tons of money, i kind of dont blame them, they have been around for a while and are older now, but that doesnt mean they have to write lame songs. i feel like their music now could be written and played by any popular band now.
but who am i to judge, their millions of fans cant be wrong if they feel they like it.