After two years of savings, I've decided to buy a preamp due to gigging inconvenience. I don't even own any effects pedals and all this while I was playing my guitar straight through a Marshall JCM900, I wanted something to play straight through PA without carrying the big ass Marshall amp all the time.

I'm the only singer and guitarist in my band and I was wondering which suits me best. I've got an eye for the Line6 PODx3 Live because it got mic preamps together with amp models but there are a few in line6 forums who complained the sounds are thin when direct through PA. I'm afraid this might happen to me.

I cover songs like Metallica, Between the Buried and Me, Dream Theater, Muse, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani etc. The JCM900 can hardly achieve any of their tone. I need vocal and guitar effects at the same time too since most of them use them. Can anyone suggest what should I do?

I did decide to get Tech 21 Sans Amp GT-2 preamp and get the effect pedals separately but I need vocal effects at the same time. Please advice what should I get. I'm a n00b when comes to pedals. My budget is around $500-600.

I'm using only Ibanez Rg550 and Marshall JCM900.

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Zoom G9.2tt pre-amps are much superior to Pod. There are two tubes in it also. The 7.1ut is 200-300$ and gives most of the same pre-amps. Spend the rest of the money on separate vocal effects (I don't know much about them).
Ive got the X3. Once u set it up (which could take days lol if u dont read the manual) it will be perfect for what u want to do. As for Pa sound. It all depends how good the PA is. It its gotta produce vocal frequencies as well as guitar so its gotta be powerfull. I havent run this pod thru a PA but i did run my xt through a **** 60 watt Pa and it sounded brilliant, not the same feel as an amp but it sounds more like it would recorded. much louder than the drummer and 100w bass amp somehow and that was with vocals too.
With the X3 Live though u have the luxury of running a pa and up to two amps at the same time!! which means u could run the xlr to the pa and the quater inch outputs to amps as well.
OR! You can send just the vocals to the pa and the guitar to your amp. its crazy what u can do with this thing. Just takes ages to store all the patches ur gonna need but once thats done ur flying.
As for the music u play the x3 is amazing for metal theres a 5150 on here which i love for inflames as well as mesa boogie bogner and marshall. all ur basses are coverd.
Check out the Damage Control Womanizer and Demonizer pedals.

Videos on there site
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Quote by JWBlack
Check out the Damage Control Womanizer and Demonizer pedals.

Videos on there site

dude, hes looking for guitar AND vocals
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