So, the other day i saw this guitar with a really cool inlay design of pumpkins, it was a headless horseman themed guitar. And a couple other guitar with cool inlay designs.

What im wondering is: How do you do custom inlays like that? Can you do it by hand? Is there a book out there i could purchase to learn to do it? I have an old beater strat neck that i've been looking to do something with...

thanks for any info!
dremel is common for by hand. just a small bit and an extremely steady hand, along wiht a workbench for the dremel.
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Its actually a pretty easy concept to get. You cut out the designs with a jewelers saw, and put them into slots routed with a small router (dremel) and glue them in with CA. Of course there i s more to it than that, but basically thats it. I'm working on some inlays pretty soon actually. I got this book called the art of inlay. its a pretty decent book and has a lot of neat ideas in it. Not too much content though.
we do some custom inlay stuff for customers and the hardest part is cutting the design out of the inlay material. the carving out the wood is easy with a dremel (if your any good with a dremel)