I was on musiciansfriend just a few minutes ago and was wondering about this preamp: Engl Preamp I don't know much about preamps, so these questions are going to be pretty basic and may sound stupid for the peopel that do know about this stuff. Would I be able to gig with it? Does it need a power amp? What would be a decent power amp? Would my Cab be compatible with it? My cab is a Marshall AVT. Thanks
You will definitely need a power amp. Your cab may or may not work depending upon the power amp's required speaker load.

It's easy to recommend a VHT or Mesa power amp, but there are used Peavey tube power amps on ebay frequently, or you may consider a rackmount head like a Yamaha T100 and some type of switching system to give you the option of the ENGL preamp, or the Yamaha's preamp.
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