I've got an Epi Les Paul and a Gretsch Electromatic that sound great, and I love playing them. I used to enjoy the Strat, too, but for quite a while now it has been making a great humming noise no matter what I do. Even with all of my electronics turned off, so I know it's not interference. I think it might be the input jack, as I can tilt and turn the guitar different ways and reduce the humming noise, sometimes eliminating it entirely, but only in an unplayable angle (at least for me, I'm sure some people can play with the guitar facing them).

Does anyone think that the input might be the problem? And if so, how would I go about fixing it? I'm not too worried about the guitar, and think that this particular one would be the one I want to try modding or fixing for the first time, but only if it's not going to cause damage to my other equipment or my wallet (too much to my wallet anyways).

If you guys could help me, that would be great. Sorry for so many questions, I'm a bit of a noob (only a year and a half playing).
That makes me feel good about having diagnosed the problem correctly, but as far as fixing it, I'm completely in the dark about it.
well, i think the biggest problem is the squier label, cheap guitars mean cheap quality, but i understand that for a beginner its a great choice. a fender strat probably wouldnt have this problem. if your having feedback problems you might be sitting too close to the amp or you should turn ur tv off cuz that can cause problems too, if you can turn it towards you and it stops my guess is pickup interference
It's not interference. I turn my electronics off and sit across the room from the amp, which is a good 10-15 feet.
sorry i didnt see where you said it made noise even with the electronics turned off, do you mean with the amp off too?
No, it doesn't hum when the amp is off, which is why I'm pretty sure that it's the input jack.
you may just have to pay to have it replaced, unless you can sauter the wires your self and put in a new one. i have a squier that i bought for a project guitar and it buzzed in the trem cavity in the back which is why i asked
Replacement isn't really an option. I kind of broke the bank on the Gretsch, which I just got a month ago. No way am I buying another guitar now. I'll try looking into how to fix it.
i guess it depends on where you go, you can find the jack itself for about $5-$15, but you might look into getting a higher quality jack or you'll have the same problem again. go to your local music store and ask them if they do repairs, i personally havent a clue how much something like that would cost but i dont imagine that it would cost too much, sorry i cant be of more help
No, you've been plenty of help. One last question, though, if you've got the time. Do you think Guitar Center would be able to do it? If you don't know, I'll just go tomorrow and ask if you can't answer. I appreciate it way much.
the guitar center near my house only does rapairs through the manufacturer, so they actually send your guitar away to have it repaired, but that gets very costly. im not positive if they do repairs in different branches of the store but its worth asking about, i'd try to find an other music store myself but if thats not an option try guitar center
Thank you so much!! Seriously, you've been a ton of help for someone who knows very little.
this is all asuming that the input is the problem, you should go to guitar center anyway to properly diagnose the problem
also, try shielding it with some copper tape, from home depot or other style hardware stores
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