Verse 1:
Bent over feeling inside out.
Beast inside is ready to shout.
Why can't I just let it all out.

Broken heart Inspired by what I hear.
Broken dreams forgotten in fear.
Present thoughts evade of what I once held dear.

Can't we accept.
It's our imperfections.
That make up true beauty.

What is seen on the outside.
Just shows what's on the in.
How shallow are we?

Verse 2:
Once as young, I heard I didn't look just right.
Mean people speak even though inspite.
Of knowing the power that I fight.

Now my days are feeled with imaged looks.
Once so simple, now i'm simplied hooked.
My life could fill a Sorrowful's book.

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But last time I cranked my amp up. A small bird flew by at the same time I did a pinch harmonic.... and it exploded....

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