Well I have to write a descriptive essay for my college english class and I was thinking of using the subject of guitars cause I know a decent amount about them.. only problem is I need three main points and I can't seem to narrow down subjects.. any help?
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well first pick what about the guitar you want to write about...the history, the function or something like that and then from there divide what ever you think up into three more specific topics
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Descriptive would, to me, mean more opinionated? But I don't really know. Informative wise, guitar would be a fairly awesome one to do I guess. As for three subjects-
- Electric guitars
- Acoustic guitars
- Famous/interesting guitarists?

If that is completely not what you meant, then perhaps different genres. I don't really know...
You should use phallic imagery to describe your guitar. Write about stroking your hands down the smooth neck and so on.
three main things you could discuss are the guitars role in past and present culture, how guitars are an important instrument (say like in a band) and that playing the guitar is a difficult skill to master, but very rewarding.