I made a song inspierd by the 60's surf music bands.
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I liked it. It had a touch of rock in it. Really nothing I didn't like. The tone, although great for rock, i'm not sure if it worked well with what you were playing. A clean tone like dick dale's would have been better IMO. But, all in all it's a solid 9/10.
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I actually like the guitar tone. Gives it a modern twist. Whatever you did the melody with sounded terrible (fanfare for the common man eat your heart out), maybe do that with something else (another guitar, maybe).

Anyway, I like all the individual sections, but also the thought put into where they come in. The only thing left to do is to do a live version at 200bpm.

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i love it! so cheese-tastic i can hardly stand it. the guitar sounded really great, reminded me of the old chickin pickin type nashville albums. i guess you must have either a really cruddy modern keyboard or a awesome vintage one (leaning toward the first) which, somehow didnt sound to bad. i guess it sounds 60's is why.

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