At the moment I am kind of interested in purchasing a travel guitar due to the fact i will be travelling quite a bit in the summer. I have narrowed it between two guitars; the Martin Backpacker and the Washburn Rover.

Which one should I get

Open to any suggestions

Thanks in advance
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are you sure you really need a guitar that badly for travel? from what i remember, the martin backpacker was pretty bad.
A mandolin might also be worth looking into
Also a cheap 3/4 guitar could be worth looking into if you don't want to worry about damage and don't need amazing tone

Sorry I can't help with the two that you mentioned;
just thought I would throw some alt.'s out for you to brew over
IMHO there is NO COMAPARISON between the two instruments that you've mentioned. The Washburn Rover is absolutely the hands down winner with superior materials and workmanship. Try to remember that the only thing the Backpacker has in common with Martin guitars is the name. In no other way does this "Mexican-made Wedgie" have any common genetic link to Martin guitars. The Backpacker sounds terrible, is impossible to hold and is poorly constructed. Backpacker clones are sold on ebay for (literally) one cent. There you're at least getting what you pay for. The Washburn Rover has a solid spruce top, mahogony back and sides, a sweet "woody" tone, an incredible case, and comes with quality accessories for about half of what you'll pay for the hugely inferior, Martin Backpacker. With the Rover, you'll need to add a strap pin at the base of the neck. Once you've made that 25 cent mod, you're good to go. I also changed out the included Vinci strings for Elixer lights (11 - 46). There is nothing you can do to the Backpacker to make it comfortable, or to make it sound good. It is, what it is, an absolute piece of crap that Martin sold out their name to.
Make sure you play one before you buy one. They sound NOTHING like a regular full-sized or 3/4 sized guitar. It may suit your needs just fine, but just be aware that you simply can't get full-size acoustic tone out of one of these cigar-boxes.