I would like to get a power strip for my amp and pedals. Is there anything specific I need to look for when buying one? I will get a surge protector, but is there a certain one I should get to be able to handle my amps power?

I know its kind of a stupid question. I just want to make sure they don't make like a high load one or something. Will I be fine if I just go to best buy and pick up a decent surge protector?

You might also look into something that filters the power to prevent hum. A power conditioner or something.
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Also there are circuit breaker strips that will cut power in the case of a surge instead of trying absorb the surge.
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Thanks guys, Are the power conditioner's worth it? I mean do they actually get rid of hum? Do you think I will notice a difference in tone?

Thanks again.
I use a poundland power strip (guess how much it cost ), works fine.
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