im not sure if its normal
but everytime i record a new song its completely out of nowhere
i dont plan the song or even write it out before i push record
does everyone else do this
im not organized enough i think
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usually i'll have one tiny bit or piece of something and then i'll just sit down and free form and see what happens. if you listen to 'the silence' on my profile the only part of that i had written before hand was the very intro riff and i couldn't figure out what else i wanted to do. so i sat down w/ my digi 8 track and that 7 minutes is what came out first time thru. its normal, just go with it, if you don't like the song structure you can go back and change it later. its best to just keep the recording so you can remember what you did (i have about a hundred KILLER songs i'll never have again b/c i lost the 4-track tapes)
Nah man, it's completely normal. It's great that you actually get them recorded. I can't tell you how many(just like z4twenny) songs I've lost over the years, but I've lost mine because I've been too lazy to record or write them down...... Now I just about always have my mic sitting in front of or next to my amp so all I have to do is hit record.
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^ yeah i keep everything setup so all i have to do is plug in, hit the power button on my setup and go at it. tapes are too easy to lose imo which is why i switched to digital. best investment i've ever made. i actually did this the other night and was quite glad as the next day i couldn't quite remember how i played what i played the night before. mine were all lost in the process of moving and selling my 4 track tape deck when i was homeless, that sucked (i totally didnt want to sell it, but it was that or no food/smokes)
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I do it all the time, but i like to call it "Jamming"


This way you get it on record, you can hear it, play around with it, and if you want to write a more structured song with it afterwards, what's to stop you?
Anything goes when it comes to writing music imo. I generally record just about everything, if nothing magical happens it gets deleted. I also leave an audio "tab" over what Ive done on a seperate track. Not only does this help me a year later but it gives my rhythm guitarist a format he can work with very easily.