Well I've got one of the new iPod classics, but the hold switch is starting to go a bit wrong (ie it sometimes decides not to work).

For those of you in the UK and who have tried this....I've heard that if you go into an apple store and give them your broken iPod they'll just replace it for you, is that true?

If not, is there anything I can do with my iPod when it eventually goes bust altogether?
do you have warranty?
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^ like heshe said, you'll probably need warranty or something. Doubt you could just walk in and get a new one
How long have you had it?
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If you bought it from a High street retail shop / apple.com/uk , you will indeed have a years warranty (if not more) and yes, take it in to your local apple repair shop, and they will ship it off, and send you either:
a) a refurbished iPod classic
b) a completely brand new iPod

I sent mine off and got a completely new iPod by the way, so it does happen.
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Go to the Apple support site, you can report a fault there. Then they send a box to you, you send your iPod off and they fix or replace it.
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