Hey all. I wanna raise some funds for new guitar equipment so I want to get rid of my 360.

I have:

XBOX 360 Elite
1 Official Black Controller
1 Official White Controller
SCART, HDMI and VGA leads
Ethernet Cable
Power Supply
Play and Charge Kit
Official XBOX 360 wireless adapter


Guitar Hero II w/ Gibson Explorer wired controller
Forza Motorsport 2
Gears of War
PES 2008
Viva Pinata (almost forgot to include this - I have never put it in my 360)

there are also a load of XBOX Live Arcade games and demos, including the full version of Undertow, the free game offered by MS for the disruption to XBOX live over xmas.

I can post pics of you would like and I believe that I still have all the boxes for this kit.

I would be looking to sell for around £400 or trade for a valve amp / pedals etc...