im 23 and have had tinkered with guitars for about 5 years now, but have never taken it seriously, hence why i suck lol. the main reason why i never really into it was because my middle and ring fingers are hard to separate or spread. i cant hardly spread them even 1 fret apart. in fact, if i have my middle finger right before the first fret of any string, then my ring finger will be right on the other side, in front of the first fret. i cant spread them enough to the point where my ring finger will be directly behind the second fret. i hope that makes sense, sorry if i'm using the wrong words. it's really hard playing chords because i almost cant separate my middle and ring fingers. are there any exercises or anything that will help stretch my fingers out? thanks!

sorry if this is in the wrong place, it seemed appropriate.
okie dokie. i just started doing some exercises that i found on UG.com, so we'll see how those go. thanks.