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Okay, you should probably have an idea of what the thread is about.

Post your favourite videos from the World Wide Web.

I'll start with mine.


This never stops getting funny for me. I laugh every time I see it.

Feel free to post away.

This was a complete waste of 8 seconds of my life. I hate you.
Bought for a few pennies
Now you're all just empty
Fucking soulless machines

-All Shall Perish

my friend was watching this video on youtube at school, i have no idea, i went hysterical. ignore about the first half, but i still love it.


and also watching this at school is hell goood.

Whoa there, mowgli, i see a boundary, i eat a boundary, and wash it down with a cup of hot steaming rules
Jordan Rudess comments on John Petrucci's new haircut... through song!

(This is around the 6DOIT days.)



JP's got a new image
He's strutting through the room
Nobody recognizes him
He's all smiles
Who are you?
Who are you?
Who aaare you?
What a change (might be shame..)
but I feel good.
You've got no more hair..
well, just a little.
It looks just.. fine, fine!
How about a smile today?
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Jimmy that was pure awesomeness. WIN!
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