I was just wondering if A Boss GEB7 (which is a bass eq pedal) will work ok on a normal electric guitar? Will it have any difference at all to one designed for regular guitar (good or bad)?

I believe the bass EQ is specialized for the lower frequency range of a bass guitar. It works on guitars, but not very well.
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it would work but you would only be shapping the extremely low notes of the guitar. like drop tuning low notes. it really wont be able to cut/boost the mids/highs or really much of the guitars sound. it wouldnt break anything it just wouldnt really be an effective EQ
The lowest adjustable frequency on that thing should be around 40-60hz, you should cut this completely, guitar amplifier speakers won't be able to reproduce this cleanly, and leaving it there would just leave you with muddy tone.
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I usually play in drop c so the low frequency thing shouldn;t really be much of a problem

Drop C = 4 half steps down from standard (low E string) and 2 half steps on the rest

Bass Guitar = 12 half steps from standard

i disagree, but if you're really concerned about covering those low frequencies... buy a cheap bass EQ and a 6-string EQ?
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