i know it doesn't really flow in text, but it sounds good when played.
a friend of mine wrote this for when we go busking.
it loops, so when you get to the bottom, you can go back to the start and start again.
it's not for deep lyrics or anything, just to get people entertained.
(and im christopher btw )

The Busking song

This is my busking song

have a moment it wont take long

can i have a minute of your time

take a moment to appriciate

the talent thats on display

cos i wont your money to be mine

Me and my friend christopher

where jamming on our guitar

but how the hell will we get home

cos some of us dont have a job

to lazy or just a slob

So we want your money to be our own

cos our parents aren't rich

and you being our audience

could you find it in your hearts

to throw your loose change

into my guitar case

or is that to much to ask



Oh, if you dont like my music

well i think your a prick

my mum says im really swell

and i new an emo girl

and when i played her my song

you saw the tears in her eye's as they fell

so go ahead and walk away

pass the tallent thats on display

Me and christopher are not afraid... to saaaayyyy.....

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