Poll: How Many Hours do YOU practice?
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Less than an hour a day
9 13%
1-2 hours a day
37 54%
2-3 hours a day
13 19%
3-4 hours a day
5 7%
4+ hours a day
5 7%
Voters: 69.
I'm kinda curious to see how much you guys practice.

Feel free to say if you're a professional, garage band, bar band, hobby (no preformance, yet anyway), begginer ect....

For me it's hobby/begginer/starting a garage band. Yes I've been playing for 3ish years but guitar playing has not been on of my priorities (before I either played for several hours a day or didn't play at all, these past several months now that me and a friend are getting together to play I've been fitting in about 2 hours a day of practice time...basically school, lift, guitar, dinner, homework, bed. And If I don't get raped with college work next year hopefully I can play some more!)
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63 hours a day.
yes i have to timewarp. people die.
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im not in a band or anything

i've been playing for around 3 years now...but i try to get in some practice everyday...but there really isnt a set time limit...it ranges from maybe 10 minutes to all day if im in the mood.
Garage band.

I play my guitar for at least 2 hours every night.

Sometimes I strum around on my acoustic for about 15 minutes in the morning.

I don't do a massive amount of practicing (locking myself in my room for days and doing nothing but playing, etc.)

I look at guitar as a fun hobby, not something I force myself to do. Some people might say that I'm lazy or not determined, but I don't care. I play for fun.
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63 hours a day.
yes i have to timewarp. people die.

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To answer your question, 2 hours, each day.
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Not long enough. These days i'm lucky to get 20mins in

Same here. Oh god, my classes are killing me...
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couple of times a day, for a couple of hours each time, and then finger exercises before bed.
it depends really, but mostly i play for like 2/3 hours.
sometimes on fridays ill play from 5:00 to like midnight though
Top lel.
anywhere from 30 mins to 3 hours
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1 and a half on weekdays

Mostly 2 on weekends, but if im not at a friends house jamming with our "band" im playing for most of the day
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school and sports kill me so usually about 1-2 hours on a pretty good night, but on weekends about 3 hours with my garage band