Well, I am stuck on which guitar to get, either:

Fender USA American Standard Stratocaster: £699


Gibson Les Paul Studio: £799

I play blues mostly, like Cream, Led Zeppelin, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix etc.
But I also like indie music, like The Smiths, Arctic Monkeys etc.

Which one would you recommend?
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My Equipment =

Fender 2008 American Standard Stratocaster
Aria ASP-30
I am a fan of strats

that is why I tell you to ge the gibson...
get the gibson!
(more strat for me!)
see id say for your tastes get the gibson

cos you can really nail the zepp live tone with a gibson

ive gotten close

failed getting bang on like but still
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Two different guitars with two different sounds. I have both but I prefer the Strat for blues. I also like the crunch ability of a Les Paul for harder rock.
The Strat is lighter on your shoulder.
I'd get one of the SSH Strats and coil-tap the bridge. Or buy the one that's tapped already if you don't want to do the wiring yourself.