I'm currently planning making a recording rig in my room, and i'm buying:
Blackheart Little Giant head (150 euro)
Recording tube preamp & phantom power (40 euro)
bunch of cables (10 euros)
Computer interface (95 euros)
T bone Condenser microphone + pop shield (55 euro)
which all adds up to 350 euros out of my 400 euro budget..

Now the problem is that this is all the money i can scrape together...and i still can't afford a cab for my Lil giant!
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I also sing, and i am the lead singer in my band...i can't really decide what i should really do? should i leave something out? I do own a SM58, but will it do for (better than usual) sounding demo recording? If i don't take the condenser mic, then i don't need the tube preamp and the interface either...

can someone give me ideas on what to do?

i think the 58 will suffice, perhaps a palomino V8, or a peavey Royal 8 combo instead of halfstack?
Get off this damn forum and play your damn guitar.

They don't seem to sell palominos in Europe...and i'm not a fan of peaveys....(i disliked the windsor)...

If i leave the condenser crap unbought...it leaves me with a budget of about 150 euros for the cab....and i can't seem to be able to find anything good for that price (harley benton cabs with no name speakers >.<
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how bout a Blackheart combo?
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Quote by igotabcrich32
how bout a Blackheart combo?

Yes! You sir are a genious...if i buy that, then i can also afford the soundcard...is the eminence speaker do-able?