Ok, i've searched through some old threads regarding finding out what key a song is in and i am a little confused. Some say that first chord in the song is the key the song is in. Some say the first note in the song is the key the song is in. Which is it? How do I find out what key a song is in?
Well if it starts on a single note, then it would be in whatever that note is. If it starts on a chord, it would be whatever chord it is.
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^--Not quite. The first chord in a song is often also the key of the song but not always.

Look at the first and last chord in the song. If they are the same then its a pretty safe bet that that is the key. If theyre different, then its still probably one of them but youre gonna have to look deeper to find out. The only foolproof way is to analyse every note in the song and determine which scale(s) from which they are derived.