guys, do you know any good songs to learn on bass, i already learned yyz and the test that stumped them all, but i find no more challanging songs. any ideas??
some Psychostick songs, they have a nice bassist, and learn some Victor Wooten tunes for a challenge maybe?
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kk man, I'll try, but for anyone else there wondering what stuff, i mean the fastest and the hardest bass songs out there
Chromatic Fantasy. Then, when you quit playing bass, in 6 years when you decide to return to playing, learn Smoke on the Water - but the guitar part, like all the n00bs do.
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Learn the improvise song, i'm trying to get it down myself. the thing's insane.
Slap a bass, not a ho.
kk, thanks guys, ive also been writing little tasty beats too, like mini bass solos, they are also sick
what are these beats you speak of?

and why are you so impressed with writing your own music. If you're looking for a challenge, learn some theory and how to apply it to your 'beat making' (which I assume is making bass lines)
I have an idea! Properly title threads.
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