hi, at the moment I have a yamaha rbx374, which is to be fair a pretty good bass for the price considering it's active and everything, but I'm starting to get a bit sick of the bland fairly muddy tone it has, maybe because it has two meaty humbuckers. So basically I'm looking to upgrade. The problem is the only thing I could afford would be an MIM fender (I've tried the P-bass and I liked it but I haven't decided wether I prefer the J or the P) but I'm not sure how much of an upgrade that would be over my current yamaha, I've heard some bad things about the quality of mim's, and it would be passive, but then I could maybe buy a preamp, I'm so confused
so yeah, any help would be great
oh and before anyone asks, I have an ashdown mag300 so I don't need a new amp.
Okay, first helpful post of the day! What bass you want is really up to you. For me I want a jazz bass sound 85% of the time, so I bought a Jazz bass. I also like a bit more modern sounds, so I bought the Jazz 24 V with Seymour Duncan pickups and active electronics. Then again, for that 15% of the time a P-bass is really required, so my next buy will be a reissue p-bass of some kind (probably a '51, but maybe a '57). You might be different. Maybe you want a p-bass tone mostly, get a p-bass.

As for active electronics, if you don't want to spend a lot but are willing to spend a little more, check out the Deluxe MIM basses. They have active electronics and there's both a jazz bass and a precision bass. That might be more your speed. Or maybe you want a passive after you've tried out the active MIMs, then buy a passive. It'll take a lot of testing, but in the end you'll end up with a nice bass.
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I like jazz basses.

Good for you.

TS, the MIM Fender is a great intermediate bass. As for it not being active, that's not exactly a downfall, it's just a preference situation. Some passive basses sound better than actives, and vice versa. Also, for the P or J option, try them both. They're both great in their own different ways. I'm a P guy myself. I prefer the feel of the thicker neck, and the bark of the split coil pickup. The J is a tone monster though, and if you have small hands, it's a delight to play. I have bigger hands, and the Precision both sounds and feels (both to me) less toyish. My best advice to you is to go to a shop and try them both out. You'll know which one you want, it'll speak to you. Good luck!
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