This is the first of two recordings I've done after receiving some decent recording gear. I did all the guitar, bass, and vocals on the recording, and used Guitar Pro's RSE drums, as well as programmed the synth parts.

Any and all feedback is appreciated.

Oh yeah, and the song's in my profile.
Really impressed by this! Best cover of cydonia by far. Levels werent the best, but your overall talent was displayed no doubt. Great singer, accurate guitar. Very professional!
Only suggestion from me, are the vowels you use to sing the intro parts. AY YA YAA. It just doesnt sound right to me (A crazy ridiculous muse fan may I say... so maybe thats it)
Nice work

All you have to do is work on the levels and the reverb.

The timing gets a little off in some places, but it's no big deal.

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