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Due Date: 2/20/08. PM me before midnight that night (GMT -5)

Yup, it's that time of the month again.

Here's the deal.

- 9-12 can sign up (maybe more depending on how fast the spots go).
- Due date will be set once enough people have signed up.
- To sign up just leave a post in this thread saying "I'm in" (or something like that).
- The piece

To qualify for this competition you must have a join date of any time after October 1st, 2007.... no exceptions.

If you do not submit a piece you will lose 1 point in the standings.

If you finished in the top 3 for the previous months competition (Dec) then you can not compete in this month's.

Extra notes:
1) Write whatever you wish in the form of song, poem, prose... just don't make a novel, no one wants to read a book.

B) doesn't have to rhyme... but it can if you want. It can be about whatever you want

3) When you have your piece done PM it to me. To Private Message (PM) you click on my name, go to where it says "send message" on the left side of my profile, then send me your piece. Please put the title in the message, and use the title "Newbie Comp" for the subject

1) Beatlemaniac-93 *
2) PandaFriedRice*
3) WalkOfFaith *
4) TheDespised*
5) Nashawa
6) r_royale*
7) FrekinFecalFace
8) Nevin021s*
9) razorback_al_31*
10) BadAchew*

* = I have your piece.
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thanks for the no caps. but there's also no underscore and an apostrophe... just for future reference.

(i really don't care how you say my name)
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Sorry miss ray. According to one of the three crowns of S&L, those who has scored points in a previous newbie comp may no longer enter into the next. You have been ousted from the kingdom of nubs. You must play with the big kids now. "Mommie WOW!" </lame commercial reference>

Also, to everyone else: The list should be current with whos pieces I have and don't have. After we reach enough people to have the comp, I will set a due date and those of you who haven't turned them in will need to get them in by then. After the due date, polls will go up.
aw man.

"i'm a big kid now!"

wasn't that for pull-ups or something??
when birds flap their wings do the make believe they're really arms?
^ side-SNAP!
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im in
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They're up. Here's the deal,

The top 2 from each 3 group, and the winner of the two group will move to round 2...
Round 2: 2 groups... the winners go for first, the second place from those go for third place.

Top3 overall get points toward the season. And I do believe, it will be up to The_Hurt_within, that the top 3 will be entered into a separate comp, this comp will also include the "regulars" that are around here all the time, so you can test your" mettle against the competitors from last season and get broken into the competition forum, the winner will be asked to run the second comp (I will assist them in running it). That may be subject to change though. Of course, I'd say everyone would be encouraged to sign up and submit a new piece (if they didn't win, since the first piece obviously won't fair too well) in the quicky comp. We'll see how it all goes down though.

Get Voting!

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how it all works???

is it like, the top people from each vote, get their songs put up again, and voted for again?

and do the ppl who dont make it, get points anyways?
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can i still get in on this? or is it over by now? i'm new to this and the rules arn't that clear to me
this is going to sounds realy dumb but how do i pm... and what does it stand for?
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