im in tv productions class in high school.
me and my group have decided on what to do our next project on, and even though i came up with alot of the ideas, im afraid it might be considered politicaly incorrect, and someone in the school may freak out cuz that wat happens in schools.
well anyways, its about this dude from afganistan who wil walk around with a suitcase and is on a quest for something....were even gonna put a library book in the suitcase so that the alarm will go off, and some other terrorist like things. well what do you think
i have a class called tv productions too.... interesting..... well if its just an afghan guy walking around with a suitcase i dont think it should pose a problem....
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well the thing is its ya know th e whole muslim arab kinda deal. ive just had some other people say this to me like all oooo your gonna get yuor ass kicked. '
im gonna be the main character by the way. his name is habeeb. were calling the name of the video "habeebs grand adventure"
who will be your terrorist? if he is white you lose. if he is black, you lose. if he is muslim you double lose.