The latest recording I've done with the new equipment - Bon Jovi's "Keep the Faith." It's me on guitar, bass, and vocals, with FruityLoops synth and drums. Let me know what you think, it's uploaded in my profile.
Thought the mix was by far superior in this than in KOC, once again displaying very tight vocals, sound a bit like chad kroeger if you dont mind me saying! (C'mon, how about a rockstar cover!) If i was to suggest anything possibly work on your build into the chorus, it just kinda rolled into it without any kind of crescendo. But great work on both your covers!
Thanks very much . I do agree about the mix in Keep the Faith. I think it had to do partially with the new drum program that I used that allowed me to pan each piece out. It really helped to spread out the sound. Oh, and I'll think about that cover of Rockstar .

Got any songs you'd like me to crit?