Does anyone have one of these? How are they? Want to get a review from one of you guys before I order it.
If it looks cool to you, then Id say buy it. I own an esp mh-400 and have played many different 400 series esp's, and they are pretty much the best metal guitars for the money. The necks are the perfect size in my opinion- thick enough to be comfortable, thin enough to not slow your playing down. They also come with great pickups (emgs or duncans), and are built like a tank. BUY IT. You will not be dissapointed.
You'd probably want to try one out seeing as the shape is awkward. I find explorer style guitars very awkward to play sitting down, so it would be a good a idea to try it out.
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I agree. you should try out some with the same shape first, to see if you still like it.
I bought my EX-400 a year and a half ago and I love it.

I started out with a Ibanes GSa60 as my first guitar and have tried many guitars since then.
IMHO the shape of the EX-400 is amazing and the higher frets are easily accessible sitting and standing up. Tone-wise... some people don't like to use active hardware, esp the 80/81 combo, but I really enjoy the thickness.

I bought mine in a major guitar store which is the biggest in Germany and the guitar was set up there, I only had to adjust the neck once since then.

So yeah, it's an amazing guitar in my opinion, a bit pricey if you buy it straight from a shop, but you will get quality for your money. If you have any further questions just ask!

(A lot of people think that the shape makes it hard to reach the higher frets but in reality exactly the opposite is the case)
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