well guys, i have recently picked up the electric guitar (i"m all about bass man), but i am having trouble on my tremblo picking, i always get caught on the strings and i dunno what to do. i have tried a whole bunch of diffrent picks (i use 0.50mm), and they helped, but i still can't get it right. i need to be able to play real fast picking songs, like jesus and tori by the number twelve looks like you, i can play everything in that song, exept the tremblo picks. any ideas??
Use thicker picks. If the picks are too light then they'll get caught easier. Try using 0.88.
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i have but i find they are a lot worse, i'm just asking for general hand movement or something, but i'll try it again
I don't know if this will help you or not, but That was happening to me and I recently discover if you tilt your pick a lil forward it may help or tilt it to the the right or left, that helps to, and I hoped this helped at least a lil bit, good luck and hope you get it!
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or try the dunlop tortex 1.14. they are pretty good to me. i have my Ibanez RG350EX
one question: what guitar do u have?? cause it's also important...
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what guitar do u have?? cause it's also important...

No, it isn't. For the last time there is not such thing as a 'shred' guitar, there are guitars some people like and there are guitars other people like but all are capable of shred I guarantee.
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