I've been offered a job at a local burger joint for $9 an hour. Not a bad pay for flippin burgers I guess and it would only be a few days a week. Is it really as bad as people say it is?
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Yeah. Might as well. If you don't find it to be of your liking just quit.
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I say go for it. Moneys money right?
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If you want money I see no reason not to. A job is a job. Just be sure that you don't make it your "career".
It's better than nothing.
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Take it at least for a day, particularly a day when you are really hungry and want free burgers.
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$9/hr. is really good starting pay for burger flippin...

i say go for it
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are u in highschool? i only make 7.75 and 9 is well above minimum wage. i would def take it.
Minimum wage is $8, and since every two months there is a 25 cent raise, looks like you're eight months ahead of the game.

Go for it.
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yeah, a big kahuna burger

take it, its good pay for flipping burgers
go for it
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