Alright guys, I need help. I am very influenced by almost every genre under God's great sun, but I am very worried about this. For the most part I tend to write songs on the lighter side..but every now and then I write a song that's very groov-y and sounds like it could be a zeppelin song. NOw I don't know what the global consensus on bands that are multi-genred, but is it alright that I want to have a band like that?

I want to start a band when I'm older but would we not get picked up so quickly because one of the songwriters (me) keeps writing songs that are sometimes of different genres? I understand that the Beatles were a multi-genre band..but were they one of the only known cases where it was acceptable..pretty much becauuse they were the Beatles? Basically I just want to know what your guys' opinions were on multi-genred bands
My band is like that. We write what ever we feel like writing. To me music=freedom and I hate when a group of people only want to play 1 style all the time.
Dude, write what you wanna write, play what you wanna play. If your whole aim is to get "picked up" by some record company you aren't gonna be able to write anything at all, you'll be limiting your creative freedom. People high in the music business didn't get where they are today by saying to some greedy talent scout with whitened teeth "what do you want us to play so you'll sign us". If you want a band with some blues, classic rock, hard rock, metal, jazz, funk and all manner of genres in it then I say good luck to you more than anything and I'm sure that 99% of the people on this forum would agree. There isn't enough bands like that nowadays, too many ones trying to be the next big thing rather than playing what they enjoy.
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Write whatever the hell you want to write. Writing music should be expressive, and no one can tell you what genres you should stick to. A few months ago, I thought about putting all the songs I'd recently written into an album. I realized it would be the weirdest album ever conceived. I'd written songs that included slow ballads, feely blues songs, **** rock anthems, grinding metal headbangers, and even a Dragonforce-y power metal song. Don't try and restrict yourself to one or two genres. You mentioned Led Zeppelin, look at them. They wrote songs of nearly every genre accepted at the time, and some that weren't. Punkish rock, **** rock, blues, acoustic, foreign influenced stuff, even some raw metal roots.
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There's nothing wrong with being a multi-genre band. In fact it's good to have diversity. All matters is that they are good songs.
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You're influenced by every genre, yet you are worried about crossing over?

You could do what my last band did..usually our guitar player wrote/writes a lot of upbeat stuff, I made some more dark or depressing stuff .. from that Nine Inch Nails influence. Another person in the band made songs that had a lot to do with real life experiences, and lessons learned from them, you know, ones that have a powerful message. Once we finished about 10 songs from the 3 of us (out of 6 in the band), we had a pretty nice, diverse mix of songs to make a CD out of.
a band that plays different styles of songs is going to appeal to more people, but a band that writes just one style will only appeal to a certain group or people.

But also a band that plays different styles might not be as great to see in concert due to if you like the bands one metal song and the rest of the time they play blues and techno...

but i'd say definatly write your styles and what you like to write, it'll attract more people to your music if you have something for everyone to listen to