okay i have installed toontrack ezdrummer. i realize this program does not have a .exe and you run it through another program. i have ableton live 6 full version i just cant for the life of me figure out how to get ezdrummer to run can anyone PLEASE help me
the readme only walks me through installing, not actually how to get the program running
i'm sure they have a website...everything has a website nowadays
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You have to check to see if there is some kind of option to run VST plugins. Does the program you're trying to run it through support vst plugins? I use it through Cubase.
yes it does. where can i find the vst plugin? i can only find the .dll file
If you did whatever the readme does to intsall, you will find it under the plugin option in the program. You just need to find that. It is an odd program to get working initially, but once you get it, it is easy to do.