Alright, so I'm still using the crappy lunchbox Squier SP-10 that came with my Squier Strat. I need a new, better amp for $200 or less. I need something that will help give my strat the desired bluesy (Clapton-esque/Santana-esque) clean, strong tone. Also, I like heavy rock and metal, so I need to be able to get into that range as well. Versatility is basically key, along with a fresh tone.

I'm too much of a noob to know whos who in the music equipment industry. Anyone have any ideas?
ohhh i do recomend any of the roland cube models. try the cube 20x which is just under 200 i beleiv. or get the the micro-cube which is fantastic and portable. i have a cube 30x and a micro cube myself
There's prolly a vox valvetronix or roland cube in your range.
But... if you want a speciallized amp for cleans and blues, i'd go with an epi VJ.
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SP-10's are terrible =[ i played with one for like 2 months but yeah, i cant help, i still play on a little 20w Crate amp i got offa my friend for like $15, it was definately worth more though so i cant complain about my ****ty amp
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You should look into a Micro Cube, it sounds like it'd be right up your alley. If you aren't going to be playing anything high gain, you could also look into a Vox Valvetronix.

If you decide to go with a Cube make sure you avoid the 15 and 20, they don't have the amp modeling that the Micro, 30, and 60 have, which is why everybody suggests them so much.
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You can get a nice bluesy tone with the sp10 if you use you guitar volume control, but in that cheap budget i advice you the harley benton's ga5 or ga15, since its the same has the vj (just renamed, made in teh same company also), and theyr hell cheap
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save 50 dollars and buy a blackheart combo or stack your choice
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id suggest getting a vj then modding it to your liking
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